Top 10 Trending Gadgets Today

Technology has always evolved throughout the evolution of man. It’s just the concept, features, things it can do, what you can use it with and how it can make our lives better that’s changed. Back when dinosaurs roamed the earth, bushmen of that time realized that their hands and natural instinct won’t be enough a weapon to defend themselves and their families from those large beasts of life running around crushing homes with one foot. So they did something about it. Whether they’ve used a large broken bone of a dead dinosaur to attack a live one or not, it was still genius, in their time their inventively was true and has given birth to the latest generation of tech that we have within our grasp, or just a mouse click purchase away to be delivered to our door steps. Tech develops so quick these days in so many different ways, it’s easy to lose track, so here are 10 Trending Gadgets Today that you shouldn’t miss out on!

10. Projects Watch
Top 10 Trending Gadgets
Only ‘time’ will tell they say. Time has now told and unfolded into a new era, dimension and perspective of what it once was. There is no longer a loud annoying bell that rings for the entire community to hear, after the clock strikes twelve for them to know time. Besides this, it goes further down to the smallest of watches and new designs out there. The standard clock design interface has been rather straight forward in its invention, yet the one thing Time Pieces has never been able to do is puzzle our minds a little bit by how the time appears, which adds a great aesthetic feature to your wrists, and is sure to get on lookers, staring in daze at your hands.

9. Logitech tunable gaming mouse
Top 10 Trending Gadgets
It all evolved from the old and troublesome ball mouse which was absolutely large and inconvenient for the average hand size. Can anybody remember that big white computer mouse operated by a ball under?? I certainly can.

In the past, it has been widely accepted as a thing of “we just have to use what we’ve got”, but now is a different issue. Now there is constant demand for everything that defines the need of companies to supply the greatest of gadgets and tech out there by the ever changing trends, there will always be change. Now switching from the ball to the optical mouse technology was a big jump; the same thing that we use today anyway and has done a great job, the look, the feel. But if you’re a hardcore gamer like me, you would find that the

Logitech tunable gaming mouse is much more pleasing in its design and overall features which allows exactly what it advertises to do. The G502 Tunable gaming mouse has now hit the shelves and for purchase also and is absolutely beautiful. G502 on its own sounds like a Military spec product doesn’t it? The beauty of it is that it allows you to customize the mouse to your preference and to be in your gaming freak zone.

8. SleepTunez Bluetooth Audio Sleep music mask
Top 10 Trending Gadgets
Now you’re sleeping gets much better, every night and every time you decide to venture off into the glorious magical land of “sleep” to dream away and have the privilege of listening to up to 6 hours of your favorite music also depending on if you’ve charged it enough. If your music is soothing enough to be listenable to your ears you can be rest assured of a good night sleep and even a day time nap if you plan to also. The cushion soft microfiber material helps to block the light so you mind can be conditioned for sleep. You can also remove this just in case you wish to wash it without damaging a single component of the Gadget. Features of this amazing thing include: One size fits all, rechargeable, up to 6 hours of music play, light eliminator, track select, Bluetooth to any smartphone or tablet device, Bluetooth laptops or computers. It allows you ultimate mobility on the bed, twists and turns without having to worry about tangling ‘cords’ since it’s Cordless!

7. WeMo Smart Switch for controlling electronics
WeMo Smart Switch for controlling electronics
How beautiful is this? Here’s another master gadget that is built for convenience and designed to ultimately keep you in your comfort zone. Yes! You wish to switch your Television off and the remote doesn’t work or is far away from your hands at that moment, comfy with your hot water bottle and don’t want to wake up. Perfect, the WeMo Smart Switch for controlling ALL your electronics on and off will be the perfect fit and it all works from your existing home Wi-Fi network. Simply plug the WeMo into your home outlet and plug your device in, whether it’s a fan, Television or whatever it may be. Oh and you can also Schedule your on’s and offs whenever you please.

6. RING® Video Doorbell
Top 10 Trending Gadgets
Ding Dong! Cring Cring! Whatever sound your doorbell makes is enough to get you spiraling to the door to see whose there. This is how it’s done in the old traditional doorbell days. Aren’t like the ancient 12 O’ Clock bell, the doorbell rings at any time, more shocking when it’s 2AM on a Tuesday morning. Can you believe they made something to help you sort this problem too! No more waking up at 2AM to walk out of your comfortable and warm duvets. With Ring Video Door Bell motion sensor technology, you are now able to view everything from your smartphone, as in watch who is on the other side of the door and actually see them live on your phone as well as communicate with them through the speaker (iOS and Android integration) ,as well as the Motion Detector technology which practically scans any activity within the vicinity of the yard and you get visitor alerts every time somebody is at your door.

5. Magic Cube (Keyboard projection)
Top 10 Trending Gadgets
This is primarily where the future of the best Trending Gadgets of today come to life. They just get more and more futuristic by the decade don’t they? Smaller, compact, stylish, authentic, aesthetic, and colorful and jam packed with a tonne load of exciting new features from the last one or something that’s never been seen or digitalized before. Projection isn’t to nobodies surprise anymore and sort of depicts something like a hologram. In a usual hologram light of shaped display of an object, you could run your hands through the light and it will blend to the shape of your palm but not with this one! The magic cube Keyboard projection, depicts a smart object system at which you can actually press ‘light emitted keys of a normal “Qwerty” keyboard’ and it would actually do something on screen which is ground breaking technology that light emitted stuff can get you to an action on screen. This particularly means every surface can become your keyboard. No need to replace wireless keyboard batteries, no more needing to worry about it accidently falling down and breaking, no need to worry about spilling coffee to its damage and non-use. This is virtual keyboard taken to another dimension of a level on its own. Have a look HERE of the Magic Cube Keyboard in action. The Magic Cube keyboard is compatible with Android and other IOS mobile devices also and with a flick of a switch, you are able to pair wirelessly with your devices Bluetooth devices.

4. Wireless Smart Led White Bulb
Top 10 Trending Gadgets
Not everybody has the ability to clap their hands when walking in the home and all the lights come on unless you’re a tycoon and a tech freak, you probably got this privilege in your homes. Some, like regular people such as myself, would have to manually press a switch on the wall for a light to come on and if it needs to be put off, we have to walk again to the wall to switch it off. No big deal as really as were so used to doing it now, it’s become distilled in our blood streams. For those of you who are lazy however and perhaps want to bring your girl home for the first time to impress her with what your house can do, show her what your car can do on the way home, then open the door and impress her with your home. You can have the switch of your phone button ready in your pocket and say “hit the lights baby” then press that switch on your phone and Wireless Smart Led White Bulb ,if you have one installed like a normal bulb would, will immediately switch on and bam! Walla! Lights on to your situation and with a wireless effort. No more having to wake up from your seat when your favorite movie is playing as it can all be controlled from your smart phone. This is a huge convenience as it can ultimately make your life easier. Can be used in your entire home which is amazing. Guess what? It’s also a huge power saver too.

3. Ultra Slim Qi enabled Wireless Charger
Top 10 Trending Gadgets
Cord chargers have always troublesome to some extent, where by there’s a constant issue with inner cords being snapped or twisted, worn out over time due to entanglement and being so thing, the charging pins are bound to be trampled on and damaged if not kept in a secure place, circuit board inside has pretty much the same issue as well when it’s bound to be fried from the inside after years of use. Would you spend as much to fix it? Or buy a portable charger, which would be a good investment, seeing that it can jump to save your battery and give it a boost for those emergency situations. Still here however the only difference with the portable charger (power bank) is that you still need a cord to connect from the power bank to your device yet it can still be carried around in your pocket etc. Instead of having a power outlet nearby. One after this however is a WIRELESS! Ultra Slim Qi enabled charger for all your smartphones etc. You can simply place your phone or tablet on the spot marked for radiation and it will charge it with no plugs or cords, after all ‘wireless’ really lives up to itself and is neater than cord operated devices.

2. Neo Mouse Wireless 3D
Wireless 3D Finger Mouse
Once again the Mice takes over and dominates the gadget industry. This is as far as the beauty of life would go, convenient, smart, cute, and small, your computer experience has just never gotten this better! Let me introduce second best trending gadget of today and if you thought that the G502 gaming tunable mouse was the it thing, then wait till you hear about the 3D Neo Wireless Mouse. The Neo mouse is more of a gesture and motion sensitive based which simply awesome as your hand literally becomes the mouse pointer. As long as you have an index finger, this mouse can be operated within and literally within your grasp. This is truly a clickess mouse and saves you Carpel Tunnel Syndrome also.

1. 3D Printer
Top 10 Trending Gadgets
In the 21rst Century, the 3D printer is by far thee greatest invention ever to be created!!! It is somewhat larger than life at this moment and surely trumps ever gadget ever made, from the best of the best, simply because of it’s out of this world ability allowing people to literally create ANYTHING they want!! This is no exaggeration what – so- ever and is rather an evolution of tech. When you have a 3D printer in your home, this technology can simply mean the ultra-power in your hands, making you more powerful than anything with the ability to create anything, this ought to break a few laws, regulations etc. Normal picture printers, can print a 3D photograph but only on paper. The 3D printer can print another Printer or part in 3D form, as in you can physically see and touch the object that is printed! The world is used to seeing 3D extruding machines and CNC machines that can perform a similar operation but not in this precise, ‘cutting edge’ and arguably outrageous form. All you need to do is simply download a CAD design from “Thingyverse” Load it to your computer or send the design to the printer and watch it mold that object by cutting every inch of it by the resin you feed the printer, watch it turn into the physical holdable, consumable object. This is definitely thee number one TOP Trending Gadgets ever to be created simply because you can physically print and assemble the parts of every other gadget or cool object on the market. Have an instant look at Top 10 3D printed objects.

Top 10 Fastest Electric Cars Today

With the technology that the automotive industry has today, it is not surprising to see cars out performing records on an annual basis. Over the years, we were made to believe that petrol is the best option to run cars. However, modern engineering has been able to change this notion by introducing the fastest electric cars.

Why make electric cars? Electric cars in the long run can be cheaper. Instead of being dependent on gas, cars make use of electricity that can power your vehicle. There are many hesitations though when it comes to electric cars. For instance, you have battery life and even ugly designs of the past. However, modern and fastest electric cars are here to change all that.

There are great things proved by electric cars. The fastest electric cars proved just what modern engineering can bring to the table. Also, it raises awareness not only to manufacturers but also consumers that we don’t need to be dependent on petrol for our transportation. This trend has been able to make manufacturers look good as well. It enabled them to showcase how good their technology is. Here are the top 10 fastest electric cars today.

10. Chevy Volt
Fastest Electric Cars
You might be wondering what made Chevy Volt in our list of 10 fastest electric cars today? Well, let’s just say that it is also a good idea to honor those cars that the average Joe could actually purchase. For just $33,000, you can already enjoy this car.

This car can reach 0 to 60 miles per hour in just 8.8 seconds. If you have purchased the 2016 version, it can get to that speed in just 8.4 seconds. In terms of comfort, price and performance, this is one of those cars that can easily made it in our list. >> Top 20 Fastest Supercars In The World.

9. Tesla Roadster
Fastest Electric Cars
Tesla has been on the frontline of modern day innovation. Tesla, living up to its name, is offering technology that can be enjoyed by the future. And if you think that it involves slow cars, this is where you are mistaken. The Tesla Roadster is a $120,000 convertible that operates with a small but powerful motor. Its motor is only the size of a watermelon. However, don’t be fooled by this. It could reach speed of up to 125 miles per hour when the engine is at 14,000 rpm.

And the most amazing thing about the Tesla Roadster is that it has a 200 mile mileage. If you think that this is the best that Elon Musk has under his sleeves, wait until the next generation of Roadster by 2019. You can expect 400 miles from this new generation of cars or even faster. >> Top 10 Best Police Cars In The World.

8. Detroit Electric SP:01
Fastest Electric Cars
Another car worthy of being in the list of fastest electric cars is The Detroit Electric SP:01. It is a pure electric sports car that has set the benchmark for manufacturers worldwide. It can run as fast as 155 miles per hour. Also, it can go from 0 to 60 miles per hour in just 3.9 seconds.

This particular car makes use of a 210 kilowatt electric motor. Its battery has also been designed to reduce the overall weight of the car. And with its carbon fiber body, it has an excellent power-to-weight ratio. >> Top 10 Best Cars in The World.

7. Renovo Coupe
Fastest Electric Cars
Designed to be a super car, the Renovo Coupe made it on our list of top fastest electric cars. Pegged at $529,000, this super car is a thing of beauty. It is the type of car that can hit 60 miles per hour in just 3.4 seconds. And the good thing about this car is that there is no gas needed to operate this elite car. The thing with this car is that the design isn’t really for everyone. However, Renovo promised that this will not be the only thing that we’ll see. >> 10 Cutting Edge Technologies Soon to be Used in Cars.

6. Plasma Boy Racing White Zombie
Fastest Electric Cars
Old school cars don’t run on electricity. However, there are some exceptions and the Plasma Boy Racing White Zombie is that car. Despite its old school look, you will be surprised just how good this electric car is. For starters, the Plasma Boy Racing White Zombie is a modified Datsun 1972. Now, incorporate batteries that have been built for the Navy, and you have a powerful car. To give you an idea just how expensive this project is, the battery itself is already $100,000.

Though modern electric cars can hit a good top speed because of modern engineering, this car is more or less for the drag strip.

5. Blood Shed Zombie 222
Fastest Electric Cars
The Blood Shed Zombie 222 is an electric version of the 1968 Mustang. It has reached up to 174 miles per hour. It operates with an 800 horsepower engine and has found inspiration from Plasma Boy’s venture to change old cars into electric cars.

The name Zombie 222 stands for 2 motors, 2 controllers and too fast. This car is known to hit 60 miles per hour in just 2.4 seconds. With a dual motor, it provides power to this vehicle that not even the Tesla P85D could match.

The good thing about the makers of Zombie 222 and White Zombie is that they are not stopping here. They are already aiming to take it further and hit the top speed of 180 miles per hour.

4. Rimac Concept One
Fastest Electric Cars
At $980,000, the Rimac Concept One is not only a fast electric car, but also an expensive peace of automotive gem. In several occasions, it has been described as one of the fastest electric automotive vehicles in the market today. In terms of performance, this car can reach 0 to 60 miles per hour in just 2.8 seconds.

The amazing thing about Rimac is that the company itself started only in 2009. And to make things even more amazing, it started in a garage. Over the years, it has been able to patent up 24 innovations. The Rimac Concept One uses a 1,088 horsepower engine and the battery could power the entire unit up to 500 kilometers per charge.

3. Tesla Model S 90D
Fastest Electric Cars
The Tesla Model S P90D is a powerful electric car that can reach up to 160 miles per hour. It has been able to defeat the discontinued P85D. As mentioned earlier, Tesla is the type of company that has been bringing innovation after innovation to the automotive industry. In fact, this car can reach 0 to 60mph in just a matter of 2.8 seconds. That is an impressive feat especially for a sedan. Because of this, it has developed a reputation for its fast acceleration time.

Basically, the P90D is only an update to the Tesla Model S P85D model. However, it is more than just a car that can break speed records. It is an electric car that runs on things like max battery performance mode.

When this car was presented in Geneva Motor Show 2016, there were some improvements that were made with the car. In fact, it can already reach 0 to 60 miles per hour in 2.6 seconds.

2. Lola Drayson Racing B12/69
Fastest Electric Cars
With 850 horsepower engine, nailing 0 to 60 miles per hour in just 3 seconds flat, this super car deserves to be called as one of the world’s best electric cars. Its top speed is at 198 miles per hour making it one of the fastest electric cars out there today. According to the makers of this electric car, it can even go faster if the weight ratio has been adjusted. Now, that is something amazing given the fact that the race track is used by engineers as their lab to develop new technologies. It makes use of a 2000 kilowatt motor and lithium ion phosphate battery. >> Top 10 Incredible Amphibious Cars.

1. Chevrolet Corvette
Fastest Electric Cars
The Tesla Model S is probably the fastest street legal electric car in your mind to make it in our list. However, this wasn’t the case. Chevrolet Corvette is the fastest street legal electric car out there. It has been able to hit top speed of 186.8 miles per hour.

The design of the Corvette is nothing short but amazing. It has a 700 horsepower engine that allows the car to hit 0 to 60 in just three seconds flat. How much does this car cost? You can have it for $335,000. And what’s the craziest thing about the car? It makes use of manual transmission.

There are many reasons why the automotive industry is now switching to electric cars. One of the reasons is that the world’s climate is already changing. It is now clear that the world is getting hotter and colder at the same time. The bottom line is that it is now affecting us.

This is also the reason why governments are doing their best to implement rules that can control emissions. Over the years, you can blame the automotive industry to contribute to this problem. However, today, we have electric cars to make the change. Electric cars are said to be the solution to climate change. It can help curb our dependence to petrol. With more and more people being dependent on cars, this technology could help stop climate change.

Top 10 Fastest Electric Cars
Chevrolet Corvette
Lola Drayson Racing B12/69
Tesla Model S 90D
Rimac Concept One
Blood Shed Zombie 222
Plasma Boy Racing White Zombie
Renovo Coupe
Detroit Electric SP:01
Tesla Roadster
Chevy Volt

Top 10 Reasons to Own an Apple Watch

There’s telling the time, and then there’s telling the time in style. Since its release in 2015, the Apple Watch has been either a godsend to some, or simply a pointless piece of technology to others. What does this smartwatch do that a normal watch can’t? Quite a lot, actually. In fact, to the naysayers, you may well be surprised at how many things the Apple Watch can do; far more than simply a wristwatch in any case. Here’s why you should own one.

Top 10 Reasons to Own an Apple Watch
Reasons to Own an Apple Watch
It would take a serious philistine to take umbrage at the Apple Watch’s design. Beautifully sleek and sophisticated (much like any Apple product), the smartwatch’s curved corners, dynamic colors, and gorgeous casing makes it a futuristic-looking watch that doesn’t go overboard with the design.

Reasons to Own an Apple Watch
With a choice of a 38mm or 42mm body and the selection of stainless steel or aluminum casing, the Apple Watch also allows the wearer to change the screen’s watch face. Whether you prefer a modern, digital look, a traditional design, or whimsical Mickey Mouse hands indicating the time, you can alter your watch face as you see fit. There are also many straps to pick from, ranging from sporty to nylon to designer-made straps from prominent brands such as Hermès.

Reasons to Own an Apple Watch
As for complaints about price, well there are far more expensive watches out there. The basic 38mm model with stainless steel casing will cost around $650, but it’s worth considering second-hand watches to find a cheaper price. See if one is available with at least a like-new condition and be sure to check regularly in the coming months; enthusiasts may well be looking to sell their Apple Watch, as this September has been rumored to be the release date for the much-anticipated Apple Watch 2.

Reasons to Own an Apple Watch
The Apple Watch adds a great deal of convenience to your life. It’s possible to answer calls and text messages via the smartwatch instead of your iPhone, although as it uses speakerphone functionality, make sure you’re in a private or quiet area to take a call. A further note, you’ll still need your iPhone to type a text message, but the Apple Watch does allow for template messages (“On my way,” “Nearly there,” etc.) as well as emojis.

Reasons to Own an Apple Watch
Apple has put a lot of effort into their ‘Activity app,’ which gives the wearer three daily fitness goals: stand up for around one minute every hour, achieve your personal calorie burn objective, and accomplish at least a 30-minute brisk walk. The smartwatch will monitor the wearer’s fitness and send reminders to complete the tasks.

Reasons to Own an Apple Watch
In addition to the fitness tracking, the Apple Watch also has the capability to track your overall heart rate. Using sensors on the back of the smartwatch, the device will monitor your BPM (beats per minute) and provide you with detailed daily analysis. There is also a whole host of useful little health-related apps, such as Lark (tracks sleep patterns), Lifesum (tracks calorie and water intake), and WebMD (tracks your daily medication schedule).

On-the-go apps
Reasons to Own an Apple Watch
One great reason for the Apple Watch is that it definitely makes accessing apps a whole lot quicker and easier. Without reaching for our iPhones, we can use apps for translation, finding our way, paying for in-store items with Apple Pay, as well as the ever-helpful digital assistant, Siri.

Reasons to Own an Apple Watch
Useful for when there’s a desire to listen to music while working out, the Apple Watch can be paired with Bluetooth headphones, meaning you can shake and move about without worrying about your iPhone in your pocket.

Remote viewfinder
Reasons to Own an Apple Watch
Placing your phone across the room and taking a group shot can often take a bit of time, as lining up everyone and getting the angle just right requires a few tries. However, the remote viewfinder on an Apple Watch means you can move everybody into position and take a perfect photo on the first try.

Find your iPhone
Reasons to Own an Apple Watch
Most of us are guilty of putting our phone somewhere, then totally forgetting where it is later on! These few moments of panic can actually be resolved with an Apple Watch, as it has the ability to call your iPhone, leaving you to swear you’ll never let it out of your sight again!

Top 10 Handguns Ever Made

Even if you’re not a gun fan, you would at least admire the beauty of it all round. Not everybody is a fan of weapons, but here I believe it would appeal more to the men who know and have understood the century old legacy of gunsmithing, guns and how they’ve evolved and have been a timeless masterpiece as well as the most innovative things ever made in terms of modern warfare etc. While machine guns are rather too large and highly conspicuous, one would at least be able to carry a concealed Handgun somewhere, somehow either broken down in parts and reassembled later or just as it is while cleverly hidden away from the direct naked eye. Below is a list of the Top 10 handguns ever to be created, inspected and fired. All have been compiled on the basis of firepower, style, popularity and various other factors.

Top 10 Handguns Ever Created
10. CZ .75
Top 10 Handguns Ever Made
To break down the acronym of what ‘CZ’ actually stands for, it means Ceska Zbrojovka Uhersky Brod (CZUB) and is manufactured by the Czech Republic. The guns design is truly unique and the framework is well chiseled as well as created very thin to be held with optimal grip and feel overall. The CZ .75 has an increased magazine capacity which allows a double stack of bullets all at once which eventually results in more shots per magazine change and that’s what we want when it comes to a gun, to fire as many shots before having to switch to the next loaded magazine full. With the CZ .75, you’re definitely getting more out of a single feed magazine than the rest. The barrel is somewhat overly thinned out and making it more light weight as well easier to carry, more quicker to pull out and use as well seeing that the weight of a barrel on a handgun can determine whether the gun gets pulled down or not when you pull it out for use. Weight of the barrel will determine how quickly you can use a gun without it bringing your whole hand posture down a bit.

9. Colt .45 Revolver
Top 10 Handguns Ever Made
Colt .45 as one of the top 10 handguns ever created. It is surely a timeless masterpiece and more commonly known in the western era of where sheriffs and horses would run the place. The elongated design of the barrel and the curved grip most definitely has the feel of a true westerner or cowboy. The .45 Colt has been one of the most favored amongst all seeing that over its timeline, it’s seen newer shapes and grips as well as barrel changes which resulted in creating desire upon new purchases or keeping a collection too if they are lucky enough to find these rare beauties around now days. Over all, despite the constant changes in its shape, colt has never failed to maintain its classic appearance and shape which was one of the distinctive features that makes this classic beauty so well known to gun enthusiasts and even as a neat prop in Hollywood as well. Colt .45 as a revolver is one of, if not the oldest revolver ever made and used and has been the single action army pistol of many wars since the 1800’s also.

8. Beretta 92FS
Top 10 Handguns Ever Made
At number 8th position among the top 10 handguns ever created is the Beretta 92 which is actually Italian designed and crafted and also happened to be one of the common handguns ever to be purchased and used as well favored by many other, than It being a standard issue to certain special forces and passing military specifications as a reliable side arm as well. The barrel of this beauty can be seen on the outside of the top part of the gun in plain sight and looks much better when the slide is pulled back as well as you can see a recoil rod at the bottom and the barrel tip above it. Beretta 92 FS, feels more like a muscular gun with veins popping and body built due to the amount of curves, wedges, ridges and inner as well as outer beveled parts there are to it. Beretta 92FS boast’s a long safety which can be easier to pull down when in need and also to flick back up and is positioned right at the top of which one’s thumb would be an easy access. With regards to 9MM’s are concerned, this is one of the most common of them, and packs a lot of heat too allowing 15 Rounds per magazine before the next change and now 15 Rounds is enough per 9MM round to cause a lot of trouble anywhere, anytime. The gun comes in silver which is highly polished or most commonly in non-reflective black coating and has features to allow a suppressor / silencer at the end of the barrel or a compensator too. As ‘far’ as Beretta silencer’s would go, they are long enough to ensure as much silence as possible per shot. Made in Italy, it’s also highly favored by hitmen of the Mafia in order to silently kill their targets.

7. Walther PPK (James Bond Gun)
Top 10 Handguns Ever Made
Yes you’ve guessed it and I’m sure that you’ve already pictured or imagined the type of Walther PPK in mind when it comes to a ‘James Bond’ gun. Throughout various scenes and sub-movie titles of the 007 James Bond series, he can be seen using and favoring the Walther PPK above the rest that his gadget supplier would occasionally offer him as an upgrade to his spy tech and weapons. Walther PPK is the perfect sized gun to pack a .380ACP round or two or three from a far distance yet still making the shot over all to save one’s life. Here, Walther PPK takes the term ‘handgun’ to a literal level, hence making it one of the greatest things about it. The thing about it which can be seen instantly and making it one of the Top Handguns ever created is due to the fact that it’s very very easy to conceal almost every reasonable place in a human body with clothes on and a holster of course and not what you’re thinking. It’s compact design and due to the fact that it literally fits your palm in its full length is somewhat what its legendary known for. Having a small gun of that cute and ‘carry – able anywhere’ sized gun but with the capabilities of firing quite a powerful shot enough to drop a target is beautiful as the design of the gun is. Size matters yes, but don’t pick on the lil guy as it could save your life while your Bigger sized pistol starts revealing itself to unexpected and unwanted eyes. The PPK will also fit .22 LR rounds which will save you a lot on ammunition too.

6. Browning High-Power
Top 10 Handguns Ever Made
Browning isn’t only known for its Machine guns which has been used through several World War’s etc. Browning also happened to have a history of creating some beautifully crafted pistols which are in the same paralleled range of some of the greatest on the market, if not overtaking them by a few notch of added features to it. The Browning High – Power pistol on the other hand has a thin barrel and slide like some others out there but is more aesthetic in its design overall which adds a lighter weight at the end, making it easier to carry and therefore increasing the efficiency of the weapon altogether. The looks of the Browning High-Power is beautiful and appealing to gun enthusiasts also and somewhat of a fancy to the average Joe to hold and to have the feel of it as well. Introduced in the early 20th century, BHP can be considered as yet another timeless classic piece packing a combination of firepower, great handling, grip, amazing feel and a 9MM 13 Round capacity too which is an amazing pistol overall as the ‘high-power’ title would suggest, it is no doubt exactly as packaged and advertised or labelled. Browning has made some wonderful guns in weapon history and this can be considered as one of his greatest to the recent collection. The browning High – Power boasts .40 Caliber powerhouse to its name! And it’s often underestimated of its performing ability.

5. Sig P226
Top 10 Handguns Ever Made
Sig Sauer pistols are definitely one of a kind and similar in design to the CZ as well as the Browning High power yet with a twisted blend of a more optimized design aiding in the name of reaching the true performance potential as far as a hand gun is considered. There is a huge demand of fire power from weapons and people appeal more to the design of one also when taking in consideration what to buy and what not to etc. As with anything, it’s always how stuff on the outside appear which influences most of our buying decisions and the Sig P226 is definitely appealing in looks as well as satisfying in its delivering capabilities of power shots too. In case you haven’t had knowledge of this, the Sig P226 has been specially designed for the United States Army and carried by United States Navy Seals and several other law enforcement specialists world wide also. This ought to speak for itself about the quality of handgun we’re talking about. There are a variety of Sig Sauer’s made ever since the first of its production along with different model’s and calibers, each having a unique ability to perform in a certain manner. In this case, the Sig P226 is a high class pistol in every sense of its production and features which includes it’s cleverly incorporated safety feature which is embedded behind the grip itself. This is certainly a handgun, built for brilliance and accuracy too.

4. Glock 17
Top 10 Handguns Ever Made
Here talking about a Glock! Not just any glock, but a Glock 17, one of the most compact guns out there but with an immense amount of firepower overall the rest, making it one of the best in its wide variety range in production and also happened to be used by various militants and other law enforcing members around the globe. One of the best handguns out there and pricy too for several reasons but definitely for all your money’s worth. If however your glock was supplied by which ever law enforcement entity you represent, then do take advantage of its hospitality. Glock in general has a rubbery embedded material which is over the metal coating and frame which gives you optimal grip around the entire gun which prevents slipping off at any costs from your hands, once it’s in your hands, it basically becomes a part of your palm. It’s strong grippy and rubbery design embedment certainly increases accuracy as you can be able to firmly hold the gun, pull it out, wave it around in its perfect weight which is built-in to sure the best handling of the pistol ALL the time, every-time. You cannot go wrong in terms of missing your target when a glock is involved. As a 9MM pistol, it can hold a 17 round magazine capacity and also with it being semi-automatic, you are safely able to pack 17 slugs at a time in those emergency, high – pressure situations which again makes it fit for the Law Enforcement environment. Being double action in a Glock pistol is an added advantage.

3. Desert Eagle .50
Top 10 Handguns Ever Made
This is a ‘tough gun’ decision to make round about this point of compiling this list of Top 10 handguns due to the fact that now we’re spoilt for choice and is in the line of where competition between the next following handguns becomes tight to compare as well as to rank. Each of them have their advantages which is a disadvantage to the other and vice versa which makes it better than the other too. Nevertheless, the Dessert Eagle .50 Caliber is exactly what it sets out to be and that’s a more luxurious gun to have. The triangular barrel end design of this monster or skull splitter is revolutionary and exclusive only to this specific handgun. Here we’re talking about pure heavy duty performance and major power in your hands, enough of one shot to blow a few strong things to splits, bits and tiny pieces, that’s the power of a one round .50 Cal from a Dessert Eagle. The design of the Dessert Eagle is truly a beauty all the way and especially when its chrome silver plated, matt black or very rare sometimes shiny gold finish which has round about the same effect to the eyes and the desire of every gun enthusiast’s heart. Dessert Eagle .50 is a killer weapon of mass murder type of collateral damage and worse if fired at a human body enough to be able to split a human head in two if fired at a person for the kill. An attachment of a flashlight as well as a high power red dot sight on top can also be fitted which is awesome if needed to be used at night. If you look closely at the gun at table top view, you would closely notice from the trigger going upwards to the hammer, it is actually shaped simarility to the Eagle bird’s eye and beak. The verdict of a .50 dessert eagle power shot is that, even your bullet proof wouldn’t be “bullet – proof” very long if stunned with one of its .50 Cal slugs and in this case giving you a hectic sting!

2. Smith & Wesson .50 Cal
Top 10 Handguns Ever Made
Smith & Wesson Revolver is definitely a better .50 Caliber than the Dessert Eagle .50 Caliber seeing that it’s extremely long barrel length is what gives the bullet better accuracy than any other hand gun created. This isn’t the type of revolver that you holster around your waste seeing that it’s too long to carry around like a side arm. This one however is to be used on a bi-pod as it needs to rest its long barrel for more stability and steadiness of the powerful .50 Cal shot. Doing so, you can turn your handgun, Smith & Wesson .50 Cal revolver into a miniature sniper gun with just the same amount if not more than a sniper rifles power. While .50 Cal power per shot isn’t the only thing which breeds life into this revolster (Revolver Monster), another thing which makes it so wonderful and exotic too as a handgun is that its highly flexible and versatile in its features of allowing the connection of a bi-pod and a high powered scope to it as well as several other accessories to it. Not every handgun would allow you such capabilities overall as the Smith & Wesson .50 revolutionary revolver would. It has also been rated the most powerful production revolver in the world today.

1. M1911 Pistol
Top 10 Handguns Ever Made
M1911 can be considered as John Browning’s prized jewel and master creation of a handgun. I have ranked the M1911 number one on the list of Top 10 handguns ever created purely due to the known fact by several gunsmithers, soldiers and everybody around the world as being a revolutionary pistol, something truly phenomenal also. There are just too many things about a 1911 that over shadows every other handgun and not just by opinion but by tried and tested facts of the world and its history in weaponry advancement.

Although a M1911 Pistol isn’t a .50 Caliber like the Dessert Eagle and .50 Cal Smith & Wesson revolver, it is a .45 ACP capable handgun, making it just 5 calibers less but with a immense amount more of features and advantages over the rest of hand guns too. Let us further break it down to the finest of its potential as a handgun over every other hand gun ever created. First of all, this specific gun has a history of heritage to it in the war aspects of where the world has evolved from to where it is now.

The M1911 pistol has been designed to comply with Military specifications and has performed in exactly that duty for well over a century in its production and still produced in the same way as it was back in the early 1900s too, maintaining its unmatched classic design altogether but with today’s advancement features jam packed into it also. The 1911 has been a reliable side arm for several decades to speak and is so truly amazing for many reasons and they are as follows.

It is an automatic pistol which simply means, you pull the trigger once and hold it, until it shoots all 7 rounds of its magazine capacity at once or you can use it semi-automatically. It basically becomes a mini Machine gun. The recoil feature is what allows the gun to be ‘automatic’ so genuisly designed where when one bullet is shot, it recoils and springs the slide back and front cocking it, to prepare the next bullet for the shot and when all rounds are out, it would simply blow back and stay there till you reload.

As far as grip is concerned, it’s amazing seeing that the bottom back part is checkered to fit into your palm following up a safety switch feature at the top right in line of your thumb for the flick of the switch. The 1911 is also field strippable which means you could be sitting in a barren bush somewhere and will be able to disassemble everything and put it back together. It has capabilities of fitting a silencer as well as a red dot sight and an under barrel flashlight to it and a double safely feature which prevents accidental firing even when the safety isn’t on. The 1911 pistol is certainly the best ever created seeing that’s perfect size and weight and with all the functionalities of the rest too. The best part about it, is that its original design can be customized in various ways such as: the grips, trigger, barrel, slide, frame, safety switch etc.

Top 10 Conceptual Spacecraft Engines

Launching a ship into space is an expensive and sluggish process of weird science and engineering. Basically, we need rockets, extreme motors that eject high-speed propellant exhausts to generate thrust. Their operation is a technological miracle by the last-century standards, but the basics are pretty easy. At elevated pressure, an igniter triggers the fuel to explode inside a combustion chamber along with a source of oxygen (usually liquid). The resulting fluid escapes by the end nozzle as reaction mass.

Unlike air-breathing jets, rockets can’t stream atmospheric gases to produce motion because at orbital heights the atmosphere becomes too thin. So a rocket engine must propel off its own exhaust fluid to get thrust. Looks simple, but the technical issues involved in project, built, assemble, and test operational spacecraft skyrockets the budget of any satcom launching.

Apparently, overcome Earth’s gravity and reach outer space is the limit for the current chemical rockets, which use exothermic reaction as propulsion. Fortunately, applied science is less a matter of fighting physics than figuring out how to make its laws work favorably. Here come 10 concepts of spacecraft drives that may expand the horizons of humanity.

10. Synergistic Turbojet
Conceptual Spacecraft Engines
One method to build cheaper spacecraft could be the single-stage-to-orbit (SSTO) approach, a conceptual propulsion system that doesn’t rely on jettisoning hardware to reach orbital height. It would use atmospheric air during launch to feed the engine’s burning reaction, which will avoid carrying extra oxidizer and therefore decrease weight.

Following such proposal, the British company Reaction Engines Limited (REL) designed its Skylon spaceplane to operate using SABRE, a concept of air-breathing engine. To count only on its own inner hardware to get thrust, SABRE will be able to switch between two modes of operation—a typical turbojet relying on atmospheric air to feed internal combustion, and a conventional rocket engine using liquid oxygen supply.

REL released a proposal for a manned voyage to Mars that would employ Skylon spacecraft to build the mission ships in orbit.

9. Thermal Nuclear Rocket
Conceptual Spacecraft Engines
Rosatom, a Russian state corporation that manages internal nuclear affairs, is building a rocket engine that would take just 45 days to travel from Earth to Mars (against the current 18 months). Such technology will be similar to the nuclear thermal rockets (NTRs) URSS designed during Cold War. Inside an onboard reactor, the energy released from splitting atoms superheats working fluid to create high pressure, and hence thrust, like what propellant-burning reactions do in a chemical rocket. Due the energetic density of nuclear fuel, NTR engines weight less and have a low consumption rate.

Likewise, NASA revived its NTR project 40 years after NERVA program’s closure, but the space agency is also looking at a higher spectrum of possibilities involving nuclear power, like fusion-driven rockets and nuclear light bulbs.

8. Thermal Antimatter Drive
Conceptual Spacecraft Engines
Every physical substance in the universe is composed of matter; matter consists of particles, and for every particle, there is a dark twin—the antiparticle. An antiparticle has all of its counterpart’s traits, except opposite charge. When both twins interact, they annihilate each other and let out energy in the process, a lot of energy. NASA scientists want to employ this power to boost rocket engines into interstellar travel age.

Similarly to NTRs, antimatter annihilation would heat up working fluid to generate thrust, but with a fuel efficiency exponentially greater. 100 milligrams of antimatter are enough to reach Mars, whilst a chemical rocket would need tons of propellant for a manned mission. Researchers want even to fund an antimatter ship on Kickstarter.

7. Nuclear Pulse Propulsion
Conceptual Spacecraft Engines
What about a voyage to Alpha Centauri dropping atomic bombs on the way to propel your spaceship? Nuclear pulse propulsion may be the most feasible path to interstellar travel. Started in 1958 as a DARPA enterprise, Project Orion was craving to build a true space-opera ship—submarine-style construction, 200 crew members, thousands of tons of takeoff weight — and launch it into orbit using nuclear pulse propulsion. Everything viable, theoretically and engineeringly speaking.

An Orion engine could produce megatons of thrust directing small nuclear explosions against a massive plate of steel joined to the spacecraft with shock dampers, but political issues and budget proved to be problems worse than mechanical hurdles. Project Orion was closed in 1965 after several accomplishments, however, similar concepts like Medusa spacecraft and antimatter-fission propulsion are still under research.

6. Nanoparticle Micropropulsion
Conceptual Spacecraft Engines
Electrically charging propellant molecules and then boosting them through magnetic fields is an extremely effective way to propel spacecraft—despite the tiny impulse force, ion thrusters are multiple times more energy-efficient than chemical rockets and eventually match exothermic propulsion in the long run. By the way, that was the system that propelled Dawn spacecraft till Vesta and Ceres.

Funded by the Air Force Office of Scientific Research, the University of Michigan is developing an experimental ion thruster termed NanoFET. The engine would fire off trillions of propellant nanoparticles through nanoelectromechanical systems, opening a thruster-on-a-chip concept that can propel the miniaturized satellites of tomorrow. Grids of NanoFET modules could be flexibly adapted and escalated to suit different designs and engineering needs.

5. Q-Thruster
Conceptual Spacecraft Engines
Rockets expel propellant (action) to get thrust (reaction) in accordance with Newton’s third law, but what if a drive could break this basic rule of nature? Roger Shawyer, a British aerospace engineer, believed that it was perfectly possible when in 1999 he proposed a reactionless engine called radio frequency resonant cavity thruster or just EmDrive (Electromagnetic Drive). An EmDrive would bounce microwaves inside a cone to produce thrust toward the narrow end. The experiment created controversy in the scientific community even after Chinese, German and NASA researchers have reproduced Shawyer’s procedures with positive results.

How EmDrives work exactly remains on the edge of physics. The theory of quantum fluctuation says that vacuum fizzes with energetic particles popping in and out of reality. Interacting with these particles through microwaves, it would be possible to a ship get thrust.

The EmDrive created a whole new concept of rocket engines known as quantum vacuum thrusters (Q-thrusters).

4. Photonic Laser Thruster
Conceptual Spacecraft Engines
Young K. Bae is a Ph.D. Dr. physicist founder of the Y. K. Bae Corp—an endeavor dedicated to research “green” technologies in the fields of energy and space travel. Bae’s patents include photonic railways, a new molecular class, and the Photonic Laser Thruster (PLT). Bae studied the PLT with NASA funding and was able to design a concept of space driver that wouldn’t need to carry fuel tanks. Instead, the PLT will receive its thrust from lasers fired at the spaceship. Since the vacuum is frictionless, a PLT-driven craft would steadily gain momentum to go the distance to Mars in a matter of days.

Developments in Directed Energy technology will be crucial to delivering multi-megawatts laser beams capable of thrusting a spacecraft through outer space, enabling an architecture free of heavyweight components, such as fuel and main power supplies.

3. Coilgun Space Launcher
Conceptual Spacecraft Engines
Science Fiction writers, such as Arthur C. Clarke and Robert Heinlein, have reckoned on electromagnetic catapults as plot devices for decades. Even today, magnetically accelerate a payload hundreds of miles above Earth may seem pure Sci-Fi, and yet scientists like Dr. James Powell and Dr. Gordon Danby think it will be part of the space travel’s future. Powell and Danby co-invented superconducting maglev (magnetic suspension), permitting the current EM trains to be developed, and now they want to apply the technology in space travel through their Startram Project.

In Powell and Danby’s vision, coils would produce a strong magnetic field to thrust a spacecraft or payload at high-speed across miles of railroad, similarly to what happens to a coilgun’s project. To achieve enough momentum, the track will have several miles of length and cost tens of billions of dollars, but—according to its inventors—it’s a small price to pay for the future.

2. Stellar Windjammer

Sun, like any other star, constantly spouts charged particles—a true gale of high-speed protons and electrons. Such radiation pressure can push against a magnetic field and generate thrust.

After a decade of space wander, a sunjammer spacecraft would be able to cross the far borders of our solar system without wasting any fuel, maneuvering in exoplanetary magnetic and gravitational fields to calibrate its trajectory. The direction of thrust could be adjusted by changing the sail according to the solar wind.

Since the propulsive force would depend on the magnetic field’s size, a solar sail would need hundreds of meters and kilometers of superconductor material to produce its magnetic field, resembling cyclopean loops of wire instead of the Navigation Age’s wind-catching canvases.

NASA plans to deploy a solar sail in 2018 during the flyby survey of Asteroid Scout.

1. Alcubierre Drive
Conceptual Spacecraft Engines
Einstein field equations state that energy and matter can curve the spacetime mesh of reality. Speculatively, stretching the fabric of space behind a ship and contracting the space ahead of it, it’s possible to achieve apparent FTL (faster-than-light) travel. Of course, it would be the space moving and not the ship, like a scrolling game, so no relativistic law would be broken. Riding on a warp bubble of spacetime waves, our ship may reach velocities many orders of magnitude greater than that of light. We could even travel to Mars in less than a second, but I think deceleration would be a problem!

The Alcubierre drive or just warp drive was proposed by Mexican physicist Miguel Alcubierre as a solution to Einstein field equations, which states that energy and matter can curve the spacetime mesh. Using a field of less-than-zero mass, the warp drive would cause the fabric of space to twist and scroll by.

Top 10 Misconceptions About Transhumanism

It’s such a sympathy to the view that the word ‘Transhumanism’ has caused and is still causing more confusion than clarity. I have been taking a greater interest in the content of other ‘thinkers’ who have brainwashed the dynamic society with religion and human ethics as a way of antagonizing the freedom of man to advance humanity. One thing they pretend not to know is that the average human being has always wanted to be more. To do extraordinary things and live a life worth living. According to Nick Bostrom, Transhumanism is an intellectual and cultural movement aimed at overcoming fundamental human limitations through applied reason by creating and developing technologies to enhance human intellectual, physical and psychological capacities. Therefore, a transhumanist seeks to bridge the gap between humanity and post-humanity

Just recently, Kevin Warwick, a British professor of cybernetics and a staunch trans-humanist, announced his involvement in a collaborative project with Prof. Tipu Aziz, the Oxford University neurosurgeon, to use brain implants powered by intelligent computer methods to predict and stop tremors associated with Parkinson’s syndrome. The Daily Mail has so far termed this project as “the most significant recent advancement in biomedical engineering”.

10. It is a key factor to Dehumanization
Cyborg girl concept by PVersus
image source;
It has been alleged that the advancements in Artificial Intelligence has posed a threat to humanity. The Introduction of Cyborg concept as the human genome is subjected to various changes to achieve better cognitive functions, stronger and healthier bodies. The education system has lacked critical thinking skills and an increased dependency on calculators and spell checks has eliminated the ability of the brain to progress.

The misconception has been ruled out with the various school of thoughts insisting humans have evolved to reckon with other humans in so many ways for transhumanism to ever create a society where the human being is the second option to a computer. Humans have undergone evolution in their responses to intimately connect with other humans, and anything else is a substitute that humans are mostly aware of. Although it may be possible to create humanoids, it is impossible to create the evolution responses like the ability to choose a morally upright lady for a holy matrimony!

9. It advocates for Eugenics
10 Misconceptions About Transhumanism
Eugenics refers to the practice of attempting to improve the human gene pool by encouraging the massive replication of people considered to possess desirable traits and preventing the reproduction of those considered inferior or with undesirable traits. Eugenics wars or the great wars were explained through science fiction’s Star Trek series. It involved a series of scientific attempts to improve the human race through selective breeding and recombinant DNA technology to come up with ‘supermen’ commonly known as augments. The Augments had intelligence twice that of a normal man, five times stronger and with 50% improved lung efficiency. Eventually, they became ferocious and uncontrollable and ended up killing their ‘creators’ and dominating the earth. This is a misconception which was derived from the movie series, but critics speculate that Transhumanism might be launching such augments for the future.

8. It trivializes the human identity
10 Misconceptions About Transhumanism
Francis Fukuyama and Leon Kass, critics of human enhancement have claimed that the practice undermines human dignity and erodes human equality as it modifies human minds and bodies and gives humans supernormal abilities. These abilities may end up changing the way a person looks and behaves and make them difficult to be identified as ordinary humans. It is also argued that transhumanists take it upon themselves to determine what is good or bad in a human.

However, this is apocryphal as Transhumanism has roots in secular humanist thinking and the range of thoughts, feelings, experiences and activities accessible to human beings constitute a small fraction of what is possible. Just as a monkey lacks the power to understand what it is like to be human, so is the ability of humans to create a realistic, intuitive comprehension of what it would be like to be post-human. Nick Bostrom also regards Fukuyama’s argument as flawed since evolutionary biology reveals that there can be no distinctive human essence since the human gene pool is not fixed.

7. It is an Existential risk
10 Misconceptions About Transhumanism
Existential risks are categorized as global, terminal risks. A good example of such risks includes moderate global warming, economic recessions and threats to the biodiversity of the Earth’s ecosphere just to mention a few. Therefore, a good definition would be risks that their adverse outcome may either annihilate earth originating intelligent life or permanently cripple its potential therefore imperiling humankind. Critics have continually brainwashed the general public with the ills of military advancements such as nuclear weapons. They have also continually speculated that thirst for power among nations with such complex weapons might lead to the creation of world war III.A war that may be fatal enough to see the extinction of humanity.

However, this will never happen since sophisticated verification technologies have been developed to the rogue nations with nuclear weapons to detect any illicit activities. They include the use of visible light communication technology for GPS navigation in large facilities by the inspectors. This is because nuclear facilities are large and inspections are timed.

6. It aims at Contempt for the flesh (fountain of youth Misconception)

10 Misconceptions About Transhumanism
The desire of trans-humans to forever drink from the fountain of youth, has been welcomed with criticism. The ‘thinkers’ have argued that the concept of regaining youth by mimicking hormone levels of a young person is a very hazardous proposition, and it’s driving people to the extreme end of the ‘cosmetic sugary.’ Lethal chemicals such as Botox are injected, to attain a younger look and may cause fatal food poisoning. People especially women risk it all to remain younger and have ended up either broke or with health complications.

However, this is not the case as per professional physicians, since they have defended this emerging trend by insisting that the complications and problems occur only in patients who are not maintained within physiologic levels and once injected they need to be complimented with diet and exercise. Ideally, no drug works best without a good diet and some fitness.

5. It is Infeasible (future hype misconception)

10 Misconceptions About Transhumanism
image via;
It is argued that transhumanists are wrong about how fast technology progresses and the things that they think will happen in the near future. According to Max Dublin’s book, Future Hype: The Tyranny of Prophecy, the movement is full of scientism, fanaticism, and nihilism in the advancement of its cause. The advancements in medical science are viewed unachievable and unrealistic.

However, the radically changing future advocated by the exponential increases in humanity’s technological capacities stands a good chance in predicting the pace of innovations. Many of the seemingly implausible predictions of early Science Fiction writers have indeed come to pass, among them Travel to the moon and nuclear power. Google Company seems to find feasibility in transhumanist ideas as they have created their company Calico to come up with a solution against aging!

4. It poses a threat to morality and democracy

10 Misconceptions About Transhumanism
Critics have speculated that if trans-humanists triumphantly achieve what they want, we will be a society of lethargic human beings. The fiber of our moral ethics will be eroded by a wave of half humans, half machines ‘things’. In simple terms, man will be a creature of social reality as well as a creature of fiction. Therefore bringing an end to the moral equality.

It also argued that only the aristocratic class will be able to rule over the poor ones who won’t probably afford a full tech-equipped bionic arm or eye. The ‘cyborg’ rich will thus use the ordinary humans as slaves and may end up coming with their rules which may not be human-friendly and instead result into a rapture of endless warfare.

However, this speculation lacks tangible facts, as humans and machines have continued to co-exist in a harmonious relationship with the latter bowing to each and every command from the former. Basically, transhumanists aims at installing moral ethics in robots in compliance with the set International laws.

3. Transhumanism will lead to a Genetic divide
10 Misconceptions About Transhumanism
Image source;
A bunch of Libertarian Critics among them Bill Mckibben have suggested that emerging human improvement technologies would be disproportionately accessible to those with an outstanding financial resources. Therefore, the lacuna between poor and rich will be aggravated leading to the creation of a ‘genetic divide.’

However, there is no sufficient real life evidence as these views have been `based on the 1997 film Gattaca to depict a dystopian society in which one social class depends entirely on genetic modifications.

2. Hubris (playing God misconception)
10 Misconceptions About Transhumanism
Transhumanism does not play God, but God gives humans the ideas to set things right for the benefit of humanity. Moreover, Joseph H Taylor puts it clearly that a scientific discovery is more the same as a religious discovery, and there is no conflict between Science and religion. The knowledge of God is made larger with every discovery made about the world. Albert Einstein described God as the Deity-a superior intelligence. The Lord of all creation and natural law. What Einstein meant was that no man could be God’s equivalent. It is, therefore, prudent to always appreciate the evolutionary transition of man without blaming it on God’s gift to man, a super brain. Just because a scientist somewhere came up with the technology to create a prosthetic arm for those born without, doesn’t mean he is God. That’s just pure genius!

1. It is irrelevant
10 Misconceptions About Transhumanism
It’s been argued that since Transhumanism is the idea of pursuing science and technology to improve the human condition, then we don’t need a movement to tell us that we need to pursue technologies that will improve or alter the human condition because we have been doing what transhumanists advocate since the dawn of civilization. It’s a waste of time and resources!

The movement is, however, relevant in that it aims to transcend-that is to transform and improve human nature. It is it’s ideas that’s helping western women re-make their exteriors–using technological means-to stimulate the exteriors of young women-sometimes with, superficially (at a glance, from a distance) reasonable effectiveness. This is the success of the project in that it is socially unacceptable, a slur or insult, to tell a woman over thirty that she looks as old as she actually is!

The movement has come up with sophisticated technologies to ensure that our soldiers in Iraq, Somalia, and other war-torn zones are not susceptible to enemy attacks through the introduction ‘super soldiers’ and perhaps that one day we shall drink from the fountain of youth!

Top 10 Futuristic Technologies of 2016

A range of perturbations from a diverse school of thoughts is often evinced by the advancements of technology. Some have been made to believe that technology is a 21st-century imp that is rapidly trivializing our humanity while others have held a positive view of it as a way of bringing the world closer together.

Ever imagined of the future? Do you believe humanity will be acquiring all the right technologies for all the wrong reasons? Well, I believe in the art that challenges technology and technology that inspires the art. Ideally, the exponential increases in humanity’s technological capacities will radically metamorphose the future into a utopia or dystopia state. Only time will tell.

10. Perfect memory cameras to go ‘back in time.’

Perfect memory camera
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Shortly, we will be able to retroactively capture the missed moments just by the tap of a pocket-size 12-megapixel wearable device. How? The camera is at a continuous recording in its auto edit mode, therefore saving the footage from a set duration of time. The brainy idea developed by New York-based General streaming systems will also be capable of shooting a time-lapse photography.

It will be able to use Wi-Fi to wirelessly connect with a smartphone through the app to live-stream videos and photos. With this kind of technology, murder Crimes will be solved easily, and you won’t ever miss that magical moment your baby learned to call you ‘mom’ or ‘dad’!

9. Terahertz radiation device for reading closed books

Terahertz radiation could help us read closed books
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The prototype device uses a band of electromagnetic radiation between microwaves and infrared light known as ‘Terahertz radiation.’ The T-rays will make it possible to read closed books, identify letters printed on stacks of paper up to nine sheets thick since they can be able to distinguish between ink and blank paper in a way that x-rays cannot.

This technology will greatly help researchers scan ancient books that may be too fragile to open and also lead to the creation of office machines that can scan reams of papers at once!

8. Handheld device to determine if the fruit is ripe

10 Futuristic Technologies
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Ever bought fruit from your local fruit vendor especially an Apple thinking that it was ripe enough for your demanding appetite only to find out that it wasn’t ripe? Well, worry no more. Thank technology and more so M.I.T brains for curbing this common consumer problem. The device uses Ultra violet light to measure the glow of chlorophyll in the fruits skin. The dimmer the glow from the chlorophyll, the riper the fruit is as chlorophyll breaks down into other chemicals over time.

The device will help farmers decide the best time to harvest their crops and also assist Apple distributors who rely on guess works to decide where to send their stock as the ripest apples have to go to places where they are likely to sell out quickly.

7. ‘Slow Dance’ picture frame

10 Futuristic Technologies
Image via:
Inspired by two of his friends who loved to dance, Lieberman crafted the first version of ‘slow dance’ as their wedding gifts. The wooden frame measuring 12.5 inches wide by 14.5 inches high, uses Strobe lights that blink at a rate that’s too fast for the human eye to register. The pulsing lights flicker on and off 80 times per second and are synced to vibrations that animate whatever object is suspended within the frame. While the light pulses are too fast to see, they combine with the high-speed vibration to imperceptibly vary the sequence of moving images, changing how they reach the eye and creating an illusion of movement that seems to be happening more slowly than normal.

According to Liebermann, the piece is a metaphor for all the unseen aspects of reality and is a constant reminder of things beyond what we see with our senses. The product is expected to ship in 2017!

6. Detection of sarcasm by the computers

10 Futuristic Technologies
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Machines undergo a tougher time distinguishing sarcasm instinctively since they are typically programmed to read texts and access images based strictly on what they see. Computer Scientists have started to create a sarcasm-detection engine to teach computers that humans do not always mean what they say. This will help marketers tell whether one is praising or mocking their products and adjust their messages to sell you more stuff. Savvier computers could also help law enforcement agencies distinguish legitimate threats from those that exaggerate or poke fun at serious topics, such as Twitter, Instagram and Tumblr posts that use images.

It might even help automated customer service systems figure out whether you are upset and route you to a real person or allow politicians to sense whether their messages are resonating with voters.

5. Use of squids to self-fix clothes

Use of squids to self-fix clothes
One day, we will wear clothes that can fix their rips with the help of coatings made of squid proteins as per the new study. Importantly, damage to items such as hazmat suits or biomedical implants can be a matter of life and death. Scientists are undergoing sleepless nights to come up with self-repairing films that could boost the life times of these types of products. Although the previous self-repairing films worked quickly, they were cracking under warm, dry conditions and a more versatile material had to be implemented for use. Proteins from squid ring teeth were found to be moviegoer and elastic under both wet and dry conditions.

Scientists developed a coating that contained the squid ring-teeth proteins such that when the fabric is soaked in water, the proteins diffuse towards the holes and tears in the coating, linking segments of coating and fabric together to make repairs. However, there is still a lot to be done before self-repairing clothes appear in our local stores as the cost of the material is still an issue and how to scale up manufacturing process to meet anticipated commercial needs.

4. Creation of laser using Jelly fish’s fluorescent proteins

Jellyfish proteins used to create polariton laser
Repurposing the fluorescent proteins that have revolutionized biomedical imaging and in completely inside cells, scientists can create polariton lasers that operate at room temperatures powered by nanosecond pulses, hence making these lasers of greater significance. According to researchers, the Creation of Jellyfish lasers has represented a breakthrough in Polariton lasers. These lasers have been claimed to possess the potential to be far more efficient and compact than conventional ones and could pave the way for further research in Quantum physics and optical computing.

Ideally, the fluorescent proteins which are used as markers in living cells have been explored to be used as materials for their molecular structures favors for the operation under high brightness a factor that makes it easier to turn them into lasers.

3. Creation of first ever programmable and reprogrammable Quantum computers

First Programmable Quantum Computer
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According to LiveScience, the much-anticipated quantum computing technology will help scientists to run complex simulations and produce rapid solutions to tricky calculations. It is suggested that quantum computers can simultaneously perform more calculations in one instant than there are atoms in the universe! They represent data as ‘qubits’ that are in superposition (simultaneously on and off) enabling it to perform two calculations simultaneously. This means that it will be easier to break encryptions that would have taken regular computers longer than the lifetime to crack.

2. Cinema 3D technology for 3D movies without wearing the funky glasses

Watch 3D Movies Without the Funky Glasses
Are you a movie goer? Tired of the cumbersome 3D glasses? Worry no more. A team of research scientists among them Max Planck have suggested that it will be possible to achieve a 3D content without using glasses via a careful design of optical elements. They have developed a simple cinema 3D prototype that could support a 200-pixel image. In experiments, volunteer viewers could see 3D versions of pixelated figures from a number of different seats in a small theater. Additionally, the scientists reasoned out that images would need to be displayed on a relatively tiny set of viewing positions at each theater seat.

However, Wojciech Matusik, an associate professor of Electrical Engineering and computer science at M.I.T believes that the existing approaches to glasses-free 3D require screens whose resolution requirements are so enormous that they are incompletely impractical. This is due to the fact that, glasses-free 3D methods will often use a series of slits known as parallax barriers placed in front of the screen. The slits allow each eye to see a different set of pixels, creating the illusion of depth. These barriers to work, a set distance has to be set up from the viewers. It, therefore, renders it difficult to be implemented in larger spaces such as theaters, where people can sit at a variety of distances and angles from the screen.

1. Facebook’s Aquila drone for beaming down Internet access in remote areas

Facebook’s solar-powered internet plane takes flight
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The first test flight of a solar-powered internet drone-Aquila was recently completed with the drone promising to broaden the scope of internet connectivity around the globe. According to Jay Parikh, global head of engineering and infrastructure at Facebook, there is a potential to bring access, voice and opportunity to billions of people around the world in a faster and more cost- effective way.

Aquila will be able to circle a region measuring up to 60 miles (96.6 kilometers) in diameter while using laser communications and millimeter wave systems to convey connectivity down from an altitude of at least 60,000 feet (18288 meters). According to Parikh, Aquila is designed to be hyper-efficient so it can fly for up to three months at a time. It also has the wingspan of an airliner, but at cruising speed, it will consume only 5,000 watts-the same amount as three hair dryers, or a high-end microwave.

Top 10 Most Advanced Attack Helicopters in The World

There are a total of twenty-seven military attack helicopters in the world from origin to present day. But, which one is the best attack helicopter in the world right now? Which is the greatest and most advanced amongst these and why? Here, we come up with a list of top ten most advanced attack helicopters in the world. Our analysis is based on the combined score of performance, speed, protection, agility, firepower capabilities and avionics. It includes only best attack helicopters that are currently in service. All the helicopters mentioned here are incredibly powerful and devastating.

10. Mil Mi-24 Hind (Russia)
Mil Mi-24 Hind (Russia)
The Mi-24 is one of the most widely-known assault helicopter gunships, attack helicopter and low-capacity troop transport in the world, and remains in service with at least 50 air arms. Although production of Mi-24 has been ceased in 1991, it is considered to be one of the best and most advanced attack helicopters ever made.

The Mi-24 has a 23-mm twin-barrel cannon, and carries 9M17P Skorpion (AT-2 Swatter), 9M114 Shturm (AT-6 Spiral) anti-tank guided missiles.

9. Boeing AH-64D Longbow Apache (USA)
Boeing AH-64D Longbow Apache (USA)
The Boeing AH-64 Apache is a four-blade, twin-turboshaft attack helicopter known to be the preeminent and most powerful anti-armor weapon system in the Gulf War. The latest version of AH-64D is the AH-64E Apache Guardian. Until 2012 it was designated as AH-64D Block III.

The AH-64 Apache has a 30-mm M230 cannon, and carries 16 x AGM-114L Hellfire 2 anti-tank missiles, 4 x Stinger, Mistral of 2 x AIM-9 Sidewinder air-to-air missiles or 2 x AGM-122 Sidearm anti-radar missiles and 19-shot Hydra 70 rocket pods.

8. Agusta A129 Mangusta (Italy)
Agusta A129 Mangusta (Italy)
First ever dedicated attack helicopter to be produced in Western Europe. Agusta A129 Mangusta, one of the most advanced attack helicopters, is a two-seat, twin-engined, lightweight battlefield helicopter developed specifically for the anti-armor attack role.

It has a 20-mm cannon; can carry podded 12.7-mm machine guns. It carries 8 x TOW-2A anti-tank missiles, 52 x 70-mm or larger 81-mm Medusa rockets.

7. Denel AH-2 Rooivalk (South Africa)
Denel AH-2 Rooivalk (South Africa)
The Rooivalk is a next-generation attack helicopter from Denel Aviation of South Africa. The AH-2 Rooivalk can carry a range of weapons depending on the mission profile. It is equipped with a 20-mm Armscor cannon, and carries 4 x 4 -round launchers for TOW or Denel ZT-6 Mokopa anti-tank missiles. It also carries launchers with 70-mm un-operated rockets in place of the missiles

6. Z-10 (China)
Chinese Z-10 Gunship Helicopter
The Z-10 is the new and the first dedicated Chinese attack helicopter. It is believed that it is in the same class as the A-129 Mangusta and the AH-2 Rooivalk. It has a standard gunship configuration with a narrow fuselage and stepped tandem cockpits.

The Z-10 has a 30 mm cannon and carries HJ-9 or HJ-10 anti-tank missiles, TY-90 air-to-air missiles and unoperated rocket pods.

5. Eurocopter Tiger (France/Germany)
Most Advanced Attack Helicopters
One of the most advanced attack helicopters, Eurocopter Tiger is currently in service with the Germany and France’s air forces. It’s a four-bladed, twin-engined, medium-weight attack helicopter which first entered service in 2003.

It has a 30 mm cannon and carries eight HOT 2, HOT 3 or Trigat 2 anti-tank missiles; four Stinger 2 or Mistral short-range air-to-air missiles, 68 x 68-mm rockets and podded 12.7-mm guns.

4. Mil Mi-28 Havoc (Russia)
Mil Mi-28 Havoc (Russia)
The Russian all-weather, day-night, two-seat anti-armor, Mil Mi-28 Havoc is one of the most advanced heavily-armored attack helicopters. It is a dedicated attack helicopter with no intended secondary transport capability. It is in service with the Russian army since 2006.

With maximum speed of 320 km/h, Mil Mi-28 Havoc has a 30-mm cannon and carries 9 M114 Shturm-C, 9 M120 / 9 M121F Vikhr or 9 A-2200 anti-tank guided missiles.

3. Kamov Ka-52 Hokum-B (Russia)
Kamov Ka-52 Hokum-B (Russia)
The newer, improved, two-seat version of the Ka-50, is one of the fastest and most advanced attack helicopters in the world. Kamov Ka-52 Hokum-B is a multi-role, incredibly strong all-weather attack helicopter. One of the most maneuverable, next-generation attack helicopters, capable operating in daytime and at night.

The Ka-52 uses a 30-mm cannon (460 rounds), 12 Vikhr (AT-9 Spiral) anti-tank missiles or four Igla-V air-to-air missiles, and can carry quite a few unguided rockets and Igla air-to-air missiles.

2. Bell AH-1Z Viper (USA)
Bell AH-1Z Viper (USA)
The world’s most advanced attack helicopter, Bell AH-1Z is a modern version the AH-1 Cobra. Bell AH-1Z flies with the most advanced aircraft weapons and survivability equipment in the world. It is the only attack helicopter with a fully-integrated air-to-air missile capability.

The Bell AH-1Z Viper has a 20-mm (with 750 rounds) three-barrel cannon and carries AGM-114A/B/C anti-tank missiles, AGM-114F anti-ship missiles, AIM-9 air-to-air missiles, pods with 70-mm unoperated rockets, free-fall bombs.

1. AH-64E Apache Guardian (USA)
AH-64E Apache Guardian (USA)
As far as best attack helicopters go, the American four-blade, twin-turboshaft with a tailwheel-type landing gear arrangement and a tandem cockpit for a two-man crew, Boeing AH-64E Apache Guardian is the most advanced ever built.

With a maximum speed of 300 km/h, AH-64E Apache Guardian has a 30-mm cannon and carries 16 AGM-114L Hellfire, 2 anti-tank missiles, four AIM-92 Stinger or two AIM-9 Sidewinder air-to-air missiles, two AGM-122 Sidearm anti-radiation missiles and 19-shot Hydra 70 rocket pod.

Top 10 Most Advanced Attack Helicopters
AH-64E Apache Guardian
AH-1Z Viper
Kamov Ka-52 Hokum-B
Mil Mi-28 Havoc
Eurocopter Tiger
Denel AH-2 Rooivalk
Agusta A129 Mangusta
AH-64D Longbow Apache
Mil Mi-24 Hind

Top 10 Reasons 2016 Was Great For Science

Science is the systematic study of the world around us, through observations and experiments. Scientists are those cool, bespectacled nerds wearing white coats that put a red potion in a flask and mix blue juice in it from a test tube. They come with long hair sometimes and an immense incapability of explaining things to the layman. Yet these cool dudes have given us knowledge to build on, they have created the foundations of science and have opened up whole new worlds, galaxies, sea shells with microorganisms and volcanoes for us. Below are a ten ways the year 2016 was great for science.

10. A New Moon (Asteroid 2016 HO3)
Asteroid 2016ho3
No we didn’t mean “New Moon” by Stephenie Meyer (though that contains a whole lot of amazing scientific discoveries in itself for example Vampires have their own government but we will discuss all that in another post- it’s older than 2016 anyway) but a real moon, a natural satellite that our Earth has. The moon is basically a natural satellite that revolves around the earth in a fixed orbit. It is responsible for phenomena like ocean tides, slight lengthening of the day, solar eclipse and body tides. The pull of this moon is so strong that it can actually displace the land on earth by 0.25 centimeters! Now we have a second moon according to NASA scientists called 2016HO3. It is basically an asteroid but it is going around the earth in a fixed orbit like so many satellites that man has launched into space. It will depart in a few centuries according to scientists by the way so let’s not get too excited to “walk on it” or to “Capture the Flag!”

9. Carbon Dioxide Stones in Ground
Carbon Dioxide Stones in Ground
The Carbon Dioxide that is pumped into the ground can be turned into rock solid. This discovery will help scientists in discovering a way to maintain a balance of the Carbon Dioxide emissions on Earth. Why are we so concerned about CO2 emissions? The level of Carbon Dioxide in the atmosphere is gradually increasing. While we can thank America for bombing half the world and creating these emissions, America alone is not responsible for these levels. The high scale industries scattered all over the world play their part in increasing the level of this gas. The Carbon Dioxide and other Carbon compounds released into the atmosphere gradually eat away the Ozone layer that protects us from harmful radiation of the sun. Besides that, it causes Global Warming which is one of the hottest issue of 2016 as well. The energy radiation of the sun enters the earth, but does not leave it thereby, causing an increase in temperature of the atmosphere.

8. Stem cells make stroke victims walk
Inject Stem Cells In Stroke Patients
Researchers at Stanford University injected modified stem cells into the body of patients that had had chronic strokes. The procedure was defined as majorly successful with the only reported side effects of the injection being mild headaches. The patients had been mildly anesthetized before the administration and showed signs of healing afterwards. This actually enabled patients to move around freely- away from the wheelchairs- and walk! This truly amazing healing process took around six months to produce enough cells to allow mobility. Strokes happen when the supply of Oxygen to any part of the brain is restricted. This causes the death of brain cells which can’t be replaced, can’t be repaired and can’t be born in the body again, resulting in damage to any part of the body that those particular brain cells control.

7. Cybernetic Implant
Cybernetic Implant
The brain is such a mysterious thing. It is so small compared to the rest of the body and yet so significant. At the Ohio State University, doctors carried out a cybernetic implant which involved placing a small chip inside the brain of a patient suffering with quadriplegia. Quadriplegia is the loss of mobility of all or some parts of the body due to disease or illness. In the particular surgical treatment, the bearer of the chip was able to move four of his fingers after 6 years.

Though these discoveries mark important milestones in science and medicine, there is still plenty of time until it is available to the common man or the bourgeois.

6. Planet Nine
Planet Nine
All our school life we thought that the Planet X meant the 10th planet of our solar system (because X was 10 in Roman numerals) but to our dismay, they pulled Pluto, the ninth planet, out of the list too. Now we come to know that Planet X was actually the hypothetical name given to a planet after Neptune “before” the discovery of Pluto in the 20th Century. While that spoils one of the most intellectual childhood memories that we have, the scientists of California Institute of Technology have discovered massive clusters of matter beyond Neptune that they say “has” to be Planet Nine, though yet only in hypothesis.

5. Another discovery to endorse that man evolved from Fish

Scientific Discoveries of 2016
Fish? You thought it was monkeys right? Cavefish, as scientists say, evolved to form the vertebral life on earth. It is a kind of fish that can actually walk on walls! So don’t get freaked out next time you see one moving on the aquarium glass!

4. Eternal Data Storage
Eternal Data Storage
What if you had a device that could store data for 13.8 billion years? That is the same time since the existence and the current age of the earth. The device can store 360 Terabytes of data and the amazing shelf life that is has effectively means that the data saved on it through optical methods is going to stay “forever”. Scientists have used nano structured glass to build this device.

3. Supermoon
Supermoon 2016
Every year scientists and skywatchers welcome the supermoon- when it is closest to the Earth- but this year the moon receives special attention because that is the closest it has been in 68 years! So it is once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for many people, who will be able to sight the supermoon 2016 on Sunday, 12th of November 2016. We do hope that you read this in time!

Around 28 Earths can fit into the distance between the moon and the Earth. The moon has been a center of attention for poets, philosophers and space scientists for as long as humanity. So even if the moon will be close, you can’t reach out and touch it but it is going to be a different experience all the same.

2. Vertical landing of Rocket
SpaceX Sticks Vertical landing
Hitherto we have seen rockets landing vertically only in comics and movies. In fact, rockets couldn’t land vertically because of some reasons involving “inertia”, “gravity”, “momentum”, “friction” etc.- reasons that we would not bother you with! Suffice it to say that rockets were either destroyed in the atmosphere or fell somewhere on earth only to be rediscovered some other time. SpaceX company- a private one- has discovered a way to make rockets land vertically (watch here). This will not only make it possible for NASA to reuse rockets, it will also reduce the cost for “space expeditions” considerably.

1. Abortion Pills by Mail
Women Receive Abortion Pills By Mail
While some countries are seeing protests in the street against ban on abortions- others are sending abortion pills to women “by mail” in order to conduct research. The objective is to determine whether “telabortions” are safe since the mother does not have to go to the clinic for it. The study is being conducted in four states namely Hawaii, New York, Oregon and Washington currently and hitherto 12 women have participated.

10 Most Unique Smartphones in The World

Smartphones have become our biggest friends in a day to day life. We probably spend more time with our smartphone than any other device daily. But the most difficult thing today is to find a phone that stands out in the crowd. But that’s not the case with these 10 smartphones in this list. These are some of the most unique smartphones right now. If you’re looking for a unique smartphone, I hope you find one of your choice.

10. Nanex – Mini Android Phone
Nanex – Mini Android Phone
As you might have guessed with the name, it’s a mini smartphone for enthusiasts. At 2.45 inch display, It’s not only tiniest smartphone in the world but also comes with water and dust resistant capabilities. It has IP53 certification for water resistance, 1ghz processes and runs on Android 4.0 ICS. While it may not be the most up to date smartphone today, but certainly is one of the most unique smartphones.

9. Galaxy S6/S7 Edge
Galaxy S6/S7 Edge
When everyone thought that Samsung will never make a properly designed smartphone, they shocked the world by revealing their innovative edge series. They first included one-sided edge display on their note series, before launching Galaxy S6 edge with dual edge display. While their next generation S7 Edge is more or less similar to S6 Edge except for some improvement, but still is one of the world’s most unique smartphones.

8. Blackberry Passport
Blackberry Passport
What if you are one of those people of who wants stay up to date with technology, but still strongly love those old school BlackBerry phones. You’ll hardly be able to find a smartphone of your choice except for BlackBerry passport.

BlackBerry passport is not only company’s most odd looking smartphone but also one of the most powerful one. The smartphone has 4.5 inch (1440×1440) display with a beautifully designed QWERTY keyboard below it. Other specifications include Snapdragon 801 processor, 3GB RAM, Gorilla glass 3 protection, 13 MP Camera and a massive 3450 Mah battery.

7. No.1 x6800
No.1 x6800
With the very first glance you realize that this phone looks quite weird, but once you find out that it has a massive 6800 mah battery and IP68 certification for water, dust and shock resistance, the design instantly start to make sense.

This phone is one of the bulkiest phone in the world. But for someone looking for a rugged smartphone with a massive battery inside, it’s a dream come true.

6. Sony Xperia Z5 Premium
Sony Xperia Z5 Premium
You might be thinking that this phone doesn’t look unique from any angle, in fact it looks exactly like other Z series smartphones from Sony. But the thing that makes it unique is its 4K display. This a high-end smartphone with 5.5 inch (2160 x 3840 pixels) display, which brings it to 800+ pixels per inch. As of of this writing it’s the only smartphone with 4k display. Although in future 4k displays will inevitably become norm in high end phones. But for now if you searching a phone perfect for VR, this is the one to go for. Google cardboard based headset along with Xperia Z5 Premium, will easily surpass the experience of HTC Hive and other expensive VR headsets.

5. Cat S60
Cat S60
The most unique feature of this smartphone is thermal camera. But aside from that, it’s probably the most durable smartphone in the world. It has

Drop-to-concrete resistance up to 1.8 m- MIL-STD-810G certified – salt, dust, humidity, rain, vibration, solar radiation, transport, thermal shock resistant and IP68 certification for water resistance. It’s also loaded with decently powerful snapdragon 617, along with 3GB RAM, 32GB internal memory and a huge 3800 mah battery.

4. LG G Flex 1/2
Lg G Flex 1/2
LG G flex isn’t a flexible smartphone as the name interpret, instead it’s the world’s first smartphone with a curved display. Although, it didn’t turn out to be as revolutionary as the company might’ve expected, but truly is one one of the unique smartphones. Other than a curved display, it has a self-healing back panel (heals itself from scratches). Recently launched LG G flex 2 is loaded with snapdragon 810 that makes it one of the most powerful smartphone right now.

3. Yotaphone 1/2
Most Unique Smartphones
What makes yotaphone so unique is its dual display. It has 5 inch full had primary display on the front and 4.7 inch secondary display on the back. The yotaphone 2 is also a true powerhouse with snapdragon 801 under the hood.

2. Dior Reverie
Dior Reveries Haute Couture
Dior Reverie is a luxury phone and at the price of $116,000, it’s probably the most expensive smartphone in the world. The device comes with full LCD touch screen that is decorated with 1539 diamonds and 46 pieces of pure natural mother of pearl and 18-carat white gold. Dior Reverie is one of the most unique smartphones, though very few people willing to spend that amount of money on the phone.

1. Xiaomi Mi Mix
Xiaomi Mi Mix
Xiaomi Mi Mix is complete surprise from a Chinese giant. While they’re popular for copying design from other companies, and even MIUI seems to be largely inspired from IOS. But this phone is undeniably innovative. Xiaomi Mi Mix is almost entirely bezelless with 91% screen to body ratio. 6.4 inch giant display is stunning, but phone rather seems to be smaller due to bezelless design.

Although it feels like a concept phone, but the fact is you can literally buy this phone for about 500 USD. It would make every penny worth to spend on, because it may look beauty from outside but inside it’s an absolute beast. MiMiX is loaded with Snapdragon 821, alongside 6GB of RAM and amazing 256GB of internal storage.